Molecules (Dec 2020)

Design, Preparation, and Evaluation of a Novel <sup>99m</sup>TcN Complex of Ciprofloxacin Xanthate as a Potential Bacterial Infection Imaging Agent

  • Si’an Fang,
  • Yuhao Jiang,
  • Qianqian Gan,
  • Qing Ruan,
  • Di Xiao,
  • Junbo Zhang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25, no. 5837
p. 5837


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In order to seek novel technetium-99m bacterial infection imaging agents, a ciprofloxacin xanthate (CPF2XT) was synthesized and radiolabeled with [99mTcN]2+ core to obtain the 99mTcN-CPF2XT complex, which exhibited high radiochemical purity, hydrophilicity, and good stability in vitro. The bacteria binding assay indicated that 99mTcN-CPF2XT had specificity to bacteria. A study of biodistribution in mice showed that 99mTcN-CPF2XT had a higher uptake in bacterial infection tissues than in turpentine-induced abscesses, indicating that it could distinguish bacterial infection from sterile inflammation. Compared to 99mTcN-CPFXDTC, the abscess/blood and abscess/muscle ratios of 99mTcN-CPF2XT were higher and the uptakes of 99mTcN-CPF2XT in the liver and lung were obviously decreased. The results suggested that 99mTcN-CPF2XT would be a potential bacterial infection imaging agent.