Ciberlegenda (2013-01-01)

Formas específicas de produção cultural dos fãs brasileiros da série britânica Doctor Who

  • Thais de Auxilio,
  • Luis Mauro Sá Martino,
  • Ângela Cristina Salgueiro Marques

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 01, no. 28
pp. 110 – 124


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This text analyses the formation and the dynamics of the Brazilian online community fans of British television serial “Doctor Who” to outline some aspects of fandom engagement. Methodology combined the community observation and interviews with members. Main findings suggests that communities are not only spaces for people to share information, but also a place where fans struggle for prestige, acquired mainly from three processes: (1) knowledge of the series’ details; (2) ownership of material products, like action figures or rare pictures, and original creation of cultural goods related to the serial; (3) participation in the community events.