EXARC Journal (Jun 2016)

Paleofestival: 10 Years of Spreading Archaeology in Evolution

  • Edoardo Ratti,
  • Donatella Alessi

Journal volume & issue
no. 2016/2


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At the age of thirty Edoardo started to study Archaeology for pleasure at the University of Genoa (Italy) while working as a computer programmer. Since then has taken part in archaeological excavations of prehistoric sites. Here he met many enthusiastic students, who dreamed of a future as prehistoric archaeologists in Italy, a country much more structured for classical archaeology. Before the end of his studies at university, Edoardo started to meet some archaeo-technicians who spread word of prehistory. They communicated him the desire to explain prehistory in a simple and interactive way to people with no archaeological expertise. So from 2001, still a student, Edoardo started his mission in some local schools. In 2005, after graduating with a thesis on the dissemination of prehistory through interactive lessons, he had the idea of creating a public Archaeology event and discussed it with the curator of the archaeological Museum in La Spezia; Donatella Alessi. Given her great input into didactics and disclosure, her guidance led to the completion of an event design. Both Edoardo and Donatella contacted archaeo-technician and archaeologist friends and, with monetary assistance from the Museum, the adventure began.