Is the Human Soul Sexed? In Search for the Truth on Human Sexuality

Studia Gilsoniana. 2020;9(1):87-142 DOI 10.26385/SG.090104


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Journal Title: Studia Gilsoniana

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The author attempts to answer the question about the ontic basis of human sexuality: Is sexuality an indispensable element of being human, or is it just an element of human cultural diversity? In his search for an answer, he applies the structure of the medieval quaestiones disputatae including objections, counter-objections, solutions and responses to objections. In his discussion of solutions, the author refers first and foremost to the metaphysical method (which consists in pointing out the objective factors that ultimately explain the examined fact of human sexuality), but also to theological and neurological methods. The whole of the analysis is aimed at proving that the human soul is inherently sexual and, therefore, that being a man or a woman is a proper mode of the existence of a human person.