Journal of Modern Science (Jul 2020)

Traditions and future of public administration in the field of e-services development

  • Paweł Romaniuk

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 44, no. 1
pp. 269 – 284


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Objectives The main purpose of the work is to bring the recipient closer to tradition and to develop e-services provided by public administration. The services for the provision of services by means of electronic communication, which are an increasingly important link in the expansion of new technological solutions and will become a key element of a very dynamically developing information society, will be approximated. Material and methods Among the research methods and methods used, the descriptive method played a significant role. In order to infer on the basis of observations made and tests carried out, a verification method was used. The research process used retrospective (ex post) analysis and a dogmatic and legal method was used, whose main purpose was the interpretation of legal provisions and a review of available literature on the subject. Results The assumptions made indicate that in the areas of technological changes in public administration, which actively uses communication and electronic tools, there has been visible progress. A very positive effect of the results is the quite dynamic access to e-services among citizens, which guarantees effective and economical implementation of official matters. Conclusions The key conclusions from the analysis and research carried out are directed at an intensified information and educational policy in the field of using e-services. Increasing public awareness of the benefits of dynamic development of e-services in Poland will undoubtedly contribute to greater interest and thus to greater use of the opportunities that public administration increasingly offers using e-services.