Status of the GroundBIRD Telescope

EPJ Web of Conferences. 2018;168:01014 DOI 10.1051/epjconf/201816801014


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Choi J.
Génova-Santos R.
Hattori M.
Hazumi M.
Ishitsuka H.
Kanno F.
Karatsu K.
Kiuchi K.
Koyano R.
Kutsuma H.
Lee K.
Mima S.
Minowa M.
Nagai M.
Nagasaki T.
Naruse M.
Oguri S.
Okada T.
Otani C.
Rebolo R.
Rubiño-Martín J.
Sekimoto Y.
Suzuki J.
Taino T.
Tajima O.
Tomita N.
Uchida T.
Won E.
Yoshida M.


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Our understanding of physics at very early Universe, as early as 10−35 s after the Big Bang, relies on the scenario known as the inflationary cosmology. Inflation predicts a particular polarization pattern in the cosmic microwave background, known as the B-mode yet the strength of such polarization pattern is extremely weak. To search for the B-mode of the polarization in the cosmic microwave background, we are constructing an off-axis rotating telescope to mitigate systematic effects as well as to maximize the sky coverage of the observation. We will discuss the present status of the GroundBIRD telescope.