Развитие образования (2019-11-01)

Mechanism of Educational Services Quality Management on the Basis of Innovative Implementations

  • Anait S. Basyuk,
  • Rodion V. Antipenko

Journal volume & issue
no. 4 (6)
pp. 54 – 58


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The article raises the question of improving the quality of educational services of a higher educational institution through innovative implementations, since it is the quality of education that forms the high level of competitiveness of a university, and therefore, there is a need to create a mechanism for educational services quality management. To create this mechanism, the main subjects, objects and functions of market relations in the field of educational services were identified, and the most optimal types of innovations for institutions of higher professional education were considered. The aim of the study is to determine the essence of quality management of educational services of a modern university on the basis of innovative implementations. During the study the following methods were used: theoretical, analysis, comparison. The result: the developed model allowed us to identify the most complex areas of the quality management mechanism development. Based on this, a five-block model of the cycle of harmonizing the quality of educational services with the task of implementing innovations was developed, which will contribute to the creation of a single set of educational services and the goals of innovative potential development. Conclusion: considering the results obtained, evaluative combinations of the university’s efficiency and effectiveness indicators were identified for determining the direction of innovative development, which allow us to characterize the level of the university development and, in accordance with it, introduce the optimal type of innovations that will contribute to the successful development of the institution of higher education.