Journal of Mind and Medical Sciences (Apr 2022)

Asymptomatic jejunal metastatic melanoma. A case report of anemia of uncertain origin

  • Cornelia Nitipir,
  • Andreea Parosanu,
  • Cristina Orlov-Slavu,
  • Cătălin Piriianu,
  • Radu Vrabie,
  • Iulian Slavu,
  • Valentin Calu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 1
pp. 187 – 192


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Gastrointestinal metastases from cutaneous melanoma are rare and usually asymptomatic, with most patients not being clinically diagnosed throughout their lifetime. We report a case of how melanoma may metastasize insidiously in the small bowel. Unexplained iron deficiency anemia was assumed to be the result of underlying gastrointestinal bleeding. Therefore, the diagnosis of jejunal metastasis from cutaneous melanoma was suggested based on imaging findings and made through the histopathological examination. According to the international guidelines, the patient underwent the complete excision of the primary tumor and therapeutic lymph node dissection. Furthermore, an adjuvant treatment was required to reduce the risk of recurrence. Both immunotherapy and surgical therapy have been shown to be effective, providing long-term survival in this case.