The sence and availability of industry standards of indebtedness for businesses in the Czech Republic

Trendy v podnikání. 2016;6(1):12-22


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Journal Title: Trendy v podnikání

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Publisher: Vydavatelství ZČU v Plzni

Society/Institution: University of West Bohemia

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Country of publisher: Czechia

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The aim of this article was to reveal attitude of businesses in the Czech Republic towards capital structure optimization and the use of industry standards as benchmarks for their level of leverage. Despite several decades of capital structure theories development and refinement, none of the theories indicating how managers should act seem to be ready to determine the definite ratio of debt and equity used in corporate capital structure yet. The use of debt offers a company both pluses by creating more investment opportunities, and minuses associated with the higher risk for investors. Most capital structure models assume vigorous approach of companies towards capital structure optimization. Companies may, however, exert rather a passive approach towards their capital structure. The questionnaire survey indicated that majority of respondents had no target value of the debt ratio. This contribution was focused on the sense and availability of sectoral recommendations concerning corporate indebtedness that might serve as a useful benchmark for companies. By comparing financial ratios to other businesses in the same industry, it is possible to make judgements about a company’s basic financial health. The sense of the use of industry standards for the debt ratio is that the ratio appropriate for other firms in a similar branch should be appropriate for the company as well. Availability of industry standards in countries with highly developed capital markets is extensive. Availability and accessibility of industry standards for companies in the Czech Republic proofed to be requiring more effort and knowledge. The questionnaire survey indicated that most respondents don't use industry standards for the debt ratio as they have no interest in comparison with the indebtedness in the sector. However, there was a noticeable group of respondents which stated that they don’t use any industry standards for indebtedness at present, but they would appreciate if such standards were more accessible.