Geographica Helvetica (Aug 2021)

Kiel 1969: Ein Erinnerungsort der Geographie

  • B. Korf,
  • U. Wardenga

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 76
pp. 381 – 384


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In this editorial, we introduce the special section on the politics of memory of „Kiel 1969“, the famous German geographers' conference, during which, as the myth narrates, a revolution took place within the discipline of German-language geography. By introducing and contextualizing the three individual statements by Julia Verne, Ulf Strohmayer and Peter Weichhart, who all recount their entanglements with the myth of „Kiel 1969“, we invite the reader to reflect upon the dynamics through which „events“ turn into „myths“ that shape individual careers and strategic struggles within the discipline.