Antarctic Record (Sep 1982)

Sea gravity measurement in the Antarctic Research Expedition

  • Takashi Kasuga,
  • Katsutada Kaminuma,
  • Jiro Segawa

Journal volume & issue
no. 76
pp. 44 – 54


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Sea gravity measurements on board the icebreaker FUJI during the 22nd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition conducted from November 1980 to April 1981 were very successful with almost no lack of measurements throughout the cruise. Free air and Bouguer gravity anomalies obtained at the continental shelves of East antarctica show that the crustal structures are isostatic as a whole, except for the glaciated shelves with steep troughs or canyons. The Gunnerus Bank protruding from the Antarctic Continent is associated with free air gravity lows of -70 mgal at the foot of both sides. Existence of these lows indicates that masses of the bathymetric high are isostatically compensated at a great depth.