Pensamiento. Revista de Investigación e Información Filosófica (2019-04-01)

Big History as Synthesis of the Cosmo-Bio-Anthropological Evolution: The Beginning of Universe and the Emergence of Life

  • Ricard Casadesús Castro

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 75, no. 283 S.Esp
pp. 29 – 54


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In this paper we discuss the hot topic of Big History, doing a brief description of the evolution: from the cosmic evolution to the biological evolution. Here we present an abridgement of cosmic evolution and biological evolution, and the scientific description and philosophical reflection of different theories attempting to explain them, highlighting the emerging and complex characters, which we believe that are structural effects of the evolutionary process. We called this global evolution cosmo-bio-anthropological evolution. Also, it is to be noted the exposition we did on recent scientific discoveries that experimentally corroborate the Big Bang Theory, and so, they assert the temporal beginning of the universe.