A Case Study: Key Competencies Integrating in Compulsory Elective Subject "Nature as Inspiration" [In Bulgarian]

Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy. 2012;6(2):398-417


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Journal Title: Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy

ISSN: 1313-1958 (Print); 1313-9118 (Online)

Publisher: University of Sofia

Society/Institution: University of Sofia

LCC Subject Category: Education

Country of publisher: Bulgaria

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S. Tomova

N. Raycheva

N. Tsanova


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European Reference Framework for Life Long Learning is one of the main tools in unification of educational aims. Key competencies, defined in eight basic areas, describe educational results in social, professional and carrier aspects. So, that integration is main topic in obtaining key competencies as a prospective result. In the article is described an idea how to achieve integration among three competencies: mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology, communication in the mother tongue, cultural awareness and expression. The first one is leading and accepted as a basic in expression creative ideas, emotional and aesthetic empathy in diverse social and cultural context by art. Curriculum for Compulsory Elective Subject “Nature as Inspiration” is described, integrating knowledge about living systems and art.