Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2016)

Development stages of comprehensive service for perishable cargo at seaports

  • Ludmiła Filina-Dawidowicz

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 124


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Increasing interest in perishable cargo transport and logistic services is connected with international trade growth, as well as technology and markets development. Shippers, carriers, forwarders, and logistic operators pay more attention to the quality and complexity of delivered food services within a supply chain. In particular, it refers to seaports functioning where perish­able cargo is handled and different logistic services are delivered. The aim of the study is to focus on and explore the concept of comprehensive service development in seaports related to perishable cargo, and to determine the stages for developing this service in container terminals and ports re­frigerated warehouses. This study is the preliminary step for a comprehensive service for perishable cargo development in seaports for the current literature. The levels of the comprehensive service development were determined. As a result, an algorithm for the implementation of a comprehensive logistics service for perishable goods in seaport was proposed.