Ovidius University Annals: Economic Sciences Series (Jan 2021)

Romanian Tourism Destinations – A Diagnostic Analysis

  • Mihaela Adina Mateescu,
  • Elena Manuela Istoc,
  • Daniela Nicoleta Baleanu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XXI, no. 1
pp. 345 – 350


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A growing number of destinations around the world have opened up to tourists, and invested in tourism, making it a key factor in socio-economic development. With a good geostrategic position and a developing economy, supported by EU membership, with valuable natural and cultural resources, Romania can be a competitive regional and international tourism destination. This research offers a comprehensive analysis and an overview of the key challenges faced by Romanian tourism destinations. The paper presents an in-depth SWOT analysis based on direct research (interviews and surveys) and indirect research (desk research of secondary source.).