Notes on Facing The Biographical Illusion Without Getting Lost in the Process

IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities. 2018;5(1):3-22 DOI 10.22492/ijah.5.1.01


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Journal Title: IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities

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Publisher:  The International Academic Forum

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Alex Pereira (The City University of New York, USA)


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This article claims that biography is an area of knowledge. The argument is formulated by examining the epistemological gaps identified by Pierre Bourdieu in his harsh criticism of this genre. It also analyzes the conceptual and methodological arguments that defenders of biography (such as Franco Ferrarrotti, François Dosse, and Giovanni Levi) have made to place this genre at the heart of innovative trends in the humanities. The goal of this study is to show both the epistemological and hermeneutic potential of biography without risking the centrality of the individual’s freedom in constructing historical analysis.