Profile Issues in Teachers' Professional Development (Jul 2016)

Exploring University Teacher Perceptions About Out-of-Class Teamwork

  • Elizabeth Ruiz-Esparza Barajas,
  • Cecilia Araceli Medrano Vela,
  • Jesús Helbert Karim Zepeda Huerta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18, no. 2
pp. 29 – 45


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This study reports on the first stage of a larger joint research project undertaken by five universities in Mexico to explore university teachers’ thinking about out-of-class teamwork. Data from interviews were analyzed using open and axial coding. Although results suggest a positive perception towards teamwork, the study unveiled important negative opinions. These opinions suggest the lack of success in promoting deep learning and in developing students’ socio-cognitive abilities. Findings were used to develop a survey to be applied to more teachers to gain a broader perspective and to corroborate results.