Trakia Journal of Sciences (Sep 2021)


  • M. Mitev

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 19, no. 3
pp. 243 – 248


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Introduction: The size of the changes is important for determining the invasiveness of the process and the stage of development of the neoplastic processes of the lung. The use of the method of virtual bronchoscopy as a diagnostic method in central lung carcinoma provides non-invasive visualization, but also abilities to measure changes. Purpose: The study aims to present the results of the application of the VB method in determining the size of the changes in patients with central lung carcinoma. Methods: 130 patients, diagnosed with central carcinoma, went VB method, using 64 MDCT Siemens Definition AS. The criteria size of the changes in different localization (right or left) and sex (women, men) was considered in the work. Results: 98 men and 32 women, aged 26-83 years, diagnosed with central lung cancer were examined using the method of virtual bronchoscopy, in which the size of the changes was monitored. In central right carcinoma of men, the formations in CT ranged in average from 5 to 68 mm (36.5 ± 18.62) and the largest number of findings were of 21–43 mm (44.5 ± 14) in length. The length of the changes in men with central left carcinoma ranged from 0.45 mm to 31 mm (12.7 ± 10.59). The length of the changes in women with central right carcinoma was from 0.44 to 1.86 mm (6.45 ± 6.83), and in those with left localization - from 0.6 to 13.1 mm (10.35 ± 6.74). In men, all six groups of stenoses were presented, most of them with sizes over 20 mm, followed by those with sizes below 3 mm. In women, stenoses were presented in only 3 groups, most of which were less than 3 mm in size. A significant relation was found between the sex of the studied patients with central carcinoma and the length of the stenoses. Sex was a determining factor for the length of the stenoses (χ2 = 212.77, p = 0.0000). Conclusions: Virtual bronchoscopy allows accurate metry in all planes. The magnitude of the measured changes is important for determining the invasiveness of the process. The results obtained in VB should always be interpreted with axial and multiplanar images.