The Austrian health care reform 2005, new health care structures in Styria, Austria, and the medical training in health care provision at the Medical University Graz

Medicinski Glasnik. 2008;5(1):12-15


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Journal Title: Medicinski Glasnik

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Eva Rasky


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Focusing on key principles and objectives of the health care reformin Austria, financing, planning, and decision-making withinthe new structures are discussed. The executive body of the StyrianState Health Fund, the Health Platform, has diverse tasks. ThePlatform is supported by two advisory bodies, one preparing decision-making, the other - unique within the German speaking countries– consulting on women’s health issues. “Health Care” as asubject in the medical curriculum has been integrated in the courseunits of social medicine at the Medical University Graz. The subjectfocuses on social security issues and health care services. Theextent of training, however, does not qualify medical students formanagement functions in health care.