Polar optical phonon states and their dispersive spectra of a wurtzite nitride superlattice with complex bases: transfer-matrix method

Condensed Matter Physics. 2011;14(1):13602


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Journal Title: Condensed Matter Physics

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Publisher: Institute for Condensed Matter Physics

Society/Institution: National Academy of Science of Ukraine

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Country of publisher: Ukraine

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L. Zhang


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Based on the dielectric continuum model and transfer-matrix method, the completing polar optical phonon states in a wurtzite GaN-based superlattice (SLs) with arbitrary-layer complex bases are investigated. It is proved that 2<sup>n</sup> types of phonon modes probably exist in a wurtzite nitride SL with n-layer complex bases. The analytical phonon states of these modes and their dispersive equations in the wurtzite GaN/Al<sub>x</sub>Ga<sub>1-x</sub>N SL structures are obtained. Numerical calculations on a three-layer GaN/Al<sub>0.15</sub>Ga<sub>0.85</sub>N/AlN complex bases SL are performed. Results reveal that there are interface optical (IO) phonon modes of one type only and four types of quasi-confined (QC) phonon modes in three-layer GaN/Al<sub>0.15</sub>Ga<sub>0.85</sub>N/AlN complex bases SLs. The dispersive spectra of phonon modes in complex bases SLs extend to be a series of frequency bands. The behaviors of QC modes reducing to IO modes are observed. The present theoretical scheme and numerical results are quite useful for analyzing the dispersive spectra of completing phonon modes and their polaronic effect in wurtzite GaN-based SLs with complex bases.