Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Jan 2016)

Branding in the Activities Of European of National Tourism Organizations (NTO)

  • Mirosław Marczak

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 36


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An analysis of the selected aspects of activities taken within the framework of branding by European national tourism organizations (NTO) is the main purpose of the article. The branding activities of 39 national organizations that function on the territory of Europe were the subject of the analysis. In particular, theoretical deliberations concerning understanding of branding in the national and foreign literature of the subject were presented in the study. The main criteria were characterized based on which national tourism organizations were selected for the research. The selected aspects of the practical use of branding by the NTO examined (including the scope of activities taken within the framework of branding, perception and identification of branding by the organizations examined with various issues, the use of branded products in promotional campaigns) were all presented. In the study, a research hypothesis was accepted, namely that branding plays an essential role in the activities of the present-day national tourism organizations, and its rank and scope of use is constantly increasing. Because of this, it is becoming one of the key activities undertaken by the organizations of this type.