Problemi Ekonomiki (Jun 2018)

Non-Monetary Motivation of Staff as a Way to Increase Efficiency of its Work

  • Shchetinina Ludmila V. ,
  • Rudakova Svetlana G.,
  • Lobunets Iryna S.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 36
pp. 268 – 275


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The article is dedicated to investigating non-monetary motivation of staff as well as analyzing non-material factors that influence growth of staff productivity. Scientific publications highlighting the issue of staff motivation and its influence on efficiency of employees’ work are analyzed. The existing theories of motivation are considered in the context of their using to provide non-monetary incentives for staff members. There analyzed the ways of applying popular motivation theories in the context of non-monetary incentives. Based on the results of own sociological research, the list of recommendations on introducing a system of non- monetary motivation of employees is developed. The study of the staff portal and the survey itself showed that non-monetary incentives have a significant impact on staff productivity, allow attracting special categories of employees, and improve the prestige of a company. The importance of introducing a system of non-monetary motivation, its impact on the image of a company in the eyes of employees, and the advantages of applying this type of motivation in the system of monetary incentives are determined. Using the information analyzed, a list of practical suggestions on the application of non-material incentives for staff members is created. The developed recommendations include those that require funding on the part of the administration of a company, namely: staff training, introducing a bonus system, organizing a place for recreation; as well as those that are absolutely free: recognizing merits of employees, creating a favorable psychological climate and conditions for career growth. The research results allowed to determine that an effective system of non-monetary motivation well supplements monetary incentives, improves the image of a company, increases employee loyalty, and ensures growth of staff productivity. The issue of non-monetary incentives requires further research, since motivation of employees will always be a relevant issue for enterprises seeking to become leaders and effectively use such a resource as staff.