Antarctic Record (Jul 1998)

Preliminary report on rock glaciers at the foot of Mt. Riiser-Larsen in Enderby Land, East Antarctica

  • Shigeru Saigusa,
  • Hideki Miura,
  • Hideaki Maemoku,
  • Kazuomi Hirakawa

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 42, no. 2
pp. 168 – 178


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Part of the debris slopes previously defined as alpine moraines at the foot of Mt. Riiser-Larsen were considered to be active rock glaciers in terms of longitudinal profiles, degree of weathering, size of surface boulders and morphological similarities with active rock glaciers in other regions. Possible rock glaciers tend to occur at the foot of talus, the bottom of cirques and the tips of moraines below snow patches and/or alpine glaciers. Descriptions of rock glaciers in Antarctica have so far been few. Continuous monitoring of the movement and thermal regime of rock glaciers will be necessary to understand geomorphic environments and processes in the Antarctic coastal regions.