Zhongliu Fangzhi Yanjiu (Oct 2019)

Research Advances on Effect of Adipose-derived Stem Cells on Biological Characteristics of Breast Cancer

  • WAN Yan,
  • LIANG Zhijie,
  • WEI Changyuan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 46, no. 10
pp. 951 – 955


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Stem cell-assisted transplantation technology has been widely used in superficial soft tissue defect remodeling, and has been the trend of the future in postoperative reconstruction of breast cancer. Adipose-derived stem cells(ADSCs) possess excellent abilities of proliferation, multi-differentiation, paracrine and so on, and they are very important in efficacy optimization of autologous fat grafting. However, ADSCs have been proved to promote the proliferation, epithelialization of breast cancer cells and the formation of new blood vessels in breast cancer in vitro, arousing a controversy about oncology safety. This review aims to outline the potential role of ADSCs in breast reconstruction and discuss their safety impact on breast cancer.