Investigações em Ensino de Ciências (Aug 2005)

O texto de genética no livro didático de ciências: uma análise retórica crítica

  • Tatiana Galieta Nascimento,
  • Isabel Martins

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 2
pp. 255 – 278


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This paper investigates the Genetics text in Brazilian school science textbooks from a critical rhetoric perspective, focussing on aspects related to the interaction between text and context in the process of meaning making. Categories of analysis used include exigence, authorship, audience and absences, and explore conceptual relationships between readers and authors, and between these participantes and scientific knowledge taught in school. Implications and suggestions of possibilities for using textbooks in the classroom are also presented. Keywords: textbook, secondary school science, rhetorical analysis, discourse, science education