Revista UNISCI (Jan 2019)

India´s regional strategic outlook and influence via Afghanistan

  • Nasreen Akhtar

Journal volume & issue
no. 49
pp. 173 – 190


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India’s regional security outlook has significantly changed owning to the post 9/11 world politics and the post-Taliban developments in Afghanistan. The regional strategic layout in South Asia has been dominated by the two rivals, Pakistan and India. Both have sagaciously projected their multifarious strategies in Afghanistan. More recently, India’s two traditional rivals, Pakistan and China have strengthened their strategic partnership which would undermine India’s role and influence in the region but India’s gigantic investment in Afghanistan has strengthened India’s endeavors to protect its ‘regional strategic outlook’. The U.S which is fighting against terrorism in Afghanistan has granted a greater role to India in ‘peace building’ process and ignored Pakistan’s long partnership against war on terrorism in Afghanistan, because Pakistan, according to the U.S, has failed to control and curb Taliban and militants in Afghanistan. India, however, has become the U.S. ally and has defined its policy vis-à-vis the regional powers, Pakistan and China