Autobiografia (Jan 2017)

Ciało i duch. Glosa do paraleli dzienników Zofii Nałkowskiej i Marii Dąbrowskiej

  • Adam Fitas

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9


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The article includes an introduction to comparative studies of diaries written by Zofia Nałkowska and Maria Dąbrowska, its main focus refers to but one aspect of this vast problem matter: the authors’ attitude towards the body. From this point of view the differences between them can be observed on the example of what they chose to describe in their diaries as well as of the style they employ while doing it. Nałkowska’s autobiographical identity is apparently connected to her bodily aesthetic practices and the resulting cultural image of her body, while Dąbrowska’s diary is far more visibly marked by intellectual than somatic values.