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Analysis of reactor-neutrino spectra fully based on gross theory of beta-decay emphasizing the special role of odd-odd FP nuclides

EPJ Web of Conferences. 2017;146:10003 DOI 10.1051/epjconf/201714610003


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Journal Title: EPJ Web of Conferences

ISSN: 2100-014X (Online)

Publisher: EDP Sciences

LCC Subject Category: Science: Physics

Country of publisher: France

Language of fulltext: English

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Yoshida Tadashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy)

Tachibana Takahiro (Waseda University, Advanced Research Institute for Science and Engineering)

Chiba Satoshi (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy)


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We applied the gross theory of β-decay to calculate the reactor antineutrino (νe) spectra emitted from 235,238U and 239,241Pu samples under neutron irradiation by summing up all the contributions from a large number of decaying fission-products (FPs). Considering the special role of the odd(Z)-odd(N) FPs in spectrum-shaping, we utilized the experimentally-known spin-parity of each odd-odd FP through the treatment proposed by Nakata, Tachibana and Yamada. Owing to this treatment, the consistency between calculated and experimental spectra was remarkably improved in a way expected from the nature of the gross theory of β-decay.