SCIRES-IT (Dec 2014)

Recomposing the landscape using structure from motion survey in the village of Korza, Karelia (Russia)

  • Sandro Parrinello,
  • Francesca Picchio

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 2
pp. 29 – 42


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This contribution relates to the experiences of applied research for the construction of three-dimensional models relative to landscape complexes through the use of so-called three-dimensional photogrammetry. Survey expeditions for studying historical architecture are increasingly in demand today and methods for producing metric data able to meet the descriptive requirements of drawings of buildings are constantly evolving. Many programmes have come and gone in recent years in an attempt to generate automatic 3D models to manage the complexity of real space; when the object of the survey is a multi-composition system covering different levels of investigation and scales of representation, the landscape needs to be broken down and recomposed using techniques for the discretization of architectural forms and images.