International Journal of Information Science and Management (Nov 2015)

Dilemma in Online Shopping How to Select Online Shopping Platform

  • Te-King Chien,
  • Hon-Yu Ma,
  • Ya-Chi Kao

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Vol. 0, no. 0


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Although many scholars had proposed lots research results about online shopping, they are quite vague and hard for enterprisers to practice it. Hence, this research observes the online store policies, services, functions, and activities among 17 online shopping platforms in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. And, this research (1) finds online stores assessment items by literature review; (2) establishes “online shopping platform for selecting decision table”; (3) applys Fuzzy Delphi and Multiple Attribute Decision Making to decide the priority of selecting decision categories. This research result can translate vague concept into physical principle, and even assist enterprisers to select online shopping platform.DOR: 98.1000/1726-8125.2015.