Open Physics (Aug 2020)

Analysis on dynamic feature of cross arm light weighting for photovoltaic panel cleaning device in power station based on power correlation

  • Hou Yuqing,
  • Fu Yu,
  • Chen Jiawei

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18, no. 1
pp. 492 – 503


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The surface cleanliness of photovoltaic (PV) panel has an important impact on the efficiency of power generation. The excessive mass of cross arm has always affected the use of cleaning device. Based on the power correlation analysis, the dynamic characteristics of cross arm lightweight of PV panel cleaning device in the power station are proposed. Using the theory of information fusion to weigh it as a comprehensive influence factor, the power prediction value of the model output is transmitted to the cleaning device in real time: design the cleaning device of PV panel and optimize the topology of the mechanical cross arm. The experimental results show that the PV power is related to many meteorological factors, and the lightweight design of the cross arm is more conducive to the natural frequency and mode shape analysis of each mode of the cross arm structure.