Akofena (Jan 2024)

The Requirement of Smartphones in Higher-Education: a Use or an Excuse a Case study of Master Students at Saida University

  • Nour El Houda REMIL & Ishak H.A MEDDAH

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 05, no. 012


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Abstract: Recently smartphones are a part of our daily routine. They are widely spread in the world today affecting several aspects including education. The internet and diverse technologies are allowing access to different academic resources for many educational purposes. Thus, the use of internet, smartphones, and social networks are becoming an everyday practice among the students inside the classrooms. This may bother some teachers and learners. Including mobile phones during the learning process which is a made-decision for teachers. Accordingly, teachers are the ones who decide to allow the use of these devices inside the classrooms, or kindly ask their students to hide them. The current research paper seeks to reach a better understanding to the idea of involving smartphone as a part of the teaching and learning process. The case study considers the Algerian higher-educational context focusing mainly on Master students of English at Saida University, The English department. Additionally, the researcher seeks to highlight the side effects of using mobile phones inside the classroom environment. Therefore, the study aims at finding answers to what is the impact of involving smartphones in the learning process? How students ought to use these devices? When it is advisable to use them? And whether their use is a positive or a negative attitude toward the teaching\learning process. To answer these questions, the present study is conducted among first year Master students of didactics at the English Department, Saida University, Algeria. The research tools are a questionnaire submitted to the students and a classroom observation. The data are collected, analysed and interpreted using statistical information and descriptions. The results revealed that students’ motivation to use the smartphones in the classroom is positively affecting their outcomes. However, the findings also showed that involving these mobile phones in education can be a source of destruction to some learners. As a conclusion, it is suggested that the teachers may allow their students to check their phones when necessary and at a definite time in the classroom. Keywords: Motivation, Learning Process, Social Networks, Smartphone, Teachers.