L’Année du Maghreb (2020-07-01)

De la « modération » chez des cadres du Parti de la justice et du développement au Maroc : réhabiliter la religion/l’idéologie dans l’analyse de l’islamisme

  • Haoues Seniguer,
  • Hassan Zouaoui

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22
pp. 77 – 95


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The Moroccan Islamists of Justice and Development Party constitute an interesting object for testing the relevance of the term moderate/moderation. This process is sometimes used in French and more often in English literature devoted to legal partisan Islamism. However this terminology is very problematic as it reifies an activist use. Indeed, there is some confusion between two different processes : on the one hand, the legalism of the Islamists who take part in Institutions ; and on the other hand, their renunciation to moral crusades in the political sphere. We would also like to show that the Islamists of JDP didn’t really give up on the moral crusades in the official political arena. Hence the importance of taking into account the status of the moral Theology in their weight in political action.