Sensors (2018-12-01)

An Arc-Shaped Piezoelectric Bistable Vibration Energy Harvester: Modeling and Experiments

  • Xuhui Zhang,
  • Wenjuan Yang,
  • Meng Zuo,
  • Houzhi Tan,
  • Hongwei Fan,
  • Qinghua Mao,
  • Xiang Wan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18, no. 12
p. 4472


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In order to improve vibration energy harvesting, this paper designs an arc-shaped piezoelectric bistable vibration energy harvester (ABEH). The bistable configuration is achieved by using magnetic coupling, and the nonlinear magnetic force is calculated. Based on Lagrangian equation, piezoelectric theory, Kirchhoff’s law, etc., a complete theoretical model of the presented ABEH is built. The influence of the nonlinear stiffness terms, the electromechanical coupling coefficient, the damping, the distance between magnets, and the load resistance on the dynamic response and the energy harvesting performance of the ABEH is numerically explored. More importantly, experiments are designed to verify the energy harvesting enhancement of the ABEH. Compared with the non-magnet energy harvester, the ABEH has much better energy harvesting performance.