Multi-Criterion Assessment of Different Variants of Casts Manufacturing Processes

Archives of Foundry Engineering. 2014;14(3):47-50 DOI 10.2478/afe-2014-0060


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Journal Title: Archives of Foundry Engineering

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Society/Institution: Polish Academy of Sciences

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Kukla S. ( Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Bielsko-Biała, Willowa 2, 43-309 Bielsko - Biała, Poland)


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The paper presents the issue of production processes improvement in foundries in the area of finishing treatment of iron casts manufactured on automated foundry lines with vertical or horizontal mould division. Due to numerous factors which influence the efficiency of the processes, multi-criterion assessment tools were proposed in order to select the optimal solution for the assumed criteria. After determining the criteria weight using the Saaty method, a simulation experiment was designed and carried out which presents possible scenarios of casts finishing treatment operations. Basing on experiment reports from a computer model, particular solutions were evaluated using the Yager's method. The evaluation of the experiment results was performed by experts who assessed different options according to each of the criteria adopted. After the establishment of the total standardized ratings by averaging the scores given by individual experts, the final decision was generated. Using the presented method, the best solution was chosen from among the analyzed scenarios.