Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science (2011-06-01)

Prototyping the Semantics of a DSL using ASF+SDF: Link to Formal Verification of DSL Models

  • Suzana Andova,
  • Mark van den Brand,
  • Luc Engelen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 56, no. Proc. AMMSE 2011
pp. 65 – 79


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A formal definition of the semantics of a domain-specific language (DSL) is a key prerequisite for the verification of the correctness of models specified using such a DSL and of transformations applied to these models. For this reason, we implemented a prototype of the semantics of a DSL for the specification of systems consisting of concurrent, communicating objects. Using this prototype, models specified in the DSL can be transformed to labeled transition systems (LTS). This approach of transforming models to LTSs allows us to apply existing tools for visualization and verification to models with little or no further effort. The prototype is implemented using the ASF+SDF Meta-Environment, an IDE for the algebraic specification language ASF+SDF, which offers efficient execution of the transformation as well as the ability to read models and produce LTSs without any additional pre or post processing.