Peuce (2016-11-01)

Cronica descoperirilor monetare din județul Tulcea (XII). Secolele IX–XIII


Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14
pp. 343 – 356


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The author continues the publication of the Middle Byzantine coins acquired by the museum of Tulcea. This time we focus on the older acquisition of coins from Niculițel, struck in the first half of the 13th century (inventory numbers 39525 – 39527; 39574 – 39578; 39580 – 39584; 39591 – 39593; 39610; 39762; 39827 – 39829; 40109 – 40114), as well as on the series from Florin Popaene, Niculițel (inventory no. 62315 – 62342), acquired in various stages. We dedicated the past five reviews to coins found at Isaccea-Noviodunum-Vicina, an important Byzantine centre. On this occasion, we lay emphasis on the finds from Niculițel, where Dr. Victor H. Baumann conducted intense archaeological surveys leading to spectacular results. The majority of the acquired coins come from private collections ascribed to Niculițel area, but the analysis of the coin issues shows that some of them could originate from the nearby Isaccea-Noviodunum-Vicina centre. Though, at this time, it is not possible to differentiate the coins from the two centres, we can assert that an important settlement lied on the territory of Niculițel commune in 11th–13th centuries.