Antarctic Record (Nov 1992)

A study of precipitation in the coastal area of Antarctica as observed at Syowa Station using a vertical pointing radar

  • Makoto Wada,
  • Hiroyuki Konishi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 36
pp. 341 – 349


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A new vertical pointing radar was installed at Syowa Station in 1988 for observing precipitation and clouds in Antarctic Climate Research project started in 1987. The precipitation of 1988 was approximately half of that of 1989. The total precipitation was estimated at about 200mm from 23 February 1988 to 22 February 1989 and about 390mm from 1 February 1989 to 30 November 1989. The tendency of little snow accumulation in 1988 can be seen in the year-to-year data of the maximum snow depth measured on the sea ice near Syowa Station and in the annual data of snow accumulation around the coastal area of the continent near Syowa Station. The small precipitation of 1988 at Syowa Station seems to be mainly due to small precipitation in winter and spring of 1988,compared with that of 1989.