Jurnal Ilmiah Perikanan dan Kelautan (Apr 2011)

Pengelolaan Limbah pada Pabrik Pengolahan Ikan di PT. Kelola Mina Laut Gresik <br><i>[Waste Treatment at Fish Processing Company in Kelola Mina Laut Incorporated Gresik East Java Province]<i>

  • Putri Desi Wulansari

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 1
pp. 123 – 126


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Abstract Industrial waste comes from the end of product process as a solid or liquid waste. Avoiding the negative effects of industrial waste, each industry must complete their company with wastewater treatment plant. This Field Job Practice was done at Kelola Mina Laut, Inc., located in Randu Agung Village, Kebomas District, Gresik th thResidence, East Java Province on August 4 – September 13 as a mean to observe, learn and to know Kelola Mina Laut, Inc. wastewater treatment method. Work method which used in Field Job Practice was descriptive method with data collection technique, active participation, interview and literature study. The wastewater treatment plant of Kelola Mina Laut, Inc. consists of one collector batch unit, two aeration batch units, one sedimentation batch unit, and one contol batch unit. Before loosing the effluent to the water stream, wastewater passes through the control batch to know about the wastewater quality. After passing through the treatments, wastewater that loosing upon the environment will have a good quality and appropriate with Environment Quality Standard.