Antarctic Record (Mar 1996)

Summer changes in the vertical distribution of chlorophyll-a in Boeckella Lake (Hope Bay, Antarctic Peninsula)

  • Irina Izaguirre,
  • Alicia Vinocur,
  • Gabriela Mataloni

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 40, no. 1
pp. 43 – 52


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Vertical distribution of phytoplanktonic chlorophyll-α in Boeckella Lake was studied during summer periods in 1992 and 1993. Two opposite sites subjected to different organic matter inputs from the adjacent penguin rookeries were periodically sampled at three depths. Chlorophyll-α concentrations varied from less than 0.10 μg l^ during the ice thawing period, to 14.08 μg l^ during late summer 1993. Recorded phosphate values compare to data reported for other enriched Antarctic lakes (14.77-970.46μgPO_4-P l^). Significant differences between both sampling sites were observed in relation to conductivity, pH, phosphate concentrations and chlorophyll-α, stressing the influence of the penguin rookeries on the limnological features of the lake. These differences were stronger during the ice cover period.