Artefactos (2016-12-01)

The encounter between darwinism and socoety. A comparative study of Spain and South Korea

  • Oonee KOH

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 0
pp. 81 – 107


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Through comparative research of Spanish and Korean societies, the societal and cultural incorporation of Darwinism influenced by a variety of factors of the community can be investigated. While the philosophical implications of Darwinism can contrast with Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy is more compatible. However, Darwinism was born in the West thanks to its intellectual tradition and political circumstances of the society. In Spanish society, the most influencing factor in the process of the incorporation of Darwinism was the religious ideology, whereas in Korea, it was the socio-political situations. Although Spanish Catholicism initially opposed Darwinism, it is now generally accepted. In contrast, the South Korean Protestantism currently objects to Darwinism.