Medical Mycology Case Reports (Jun 2021)

Fulminant Rhizomucor pusillus mucormycosis during anti-leukemic treatment with blinatumomab in a child: A case report and review of the literature

  • Sarah Schober,
  • Karin Melanie Cabanillas Stanchi,
  • Anna Riecker,
  • Matthias Pfeiffer,
  • Ilias Tsiflikas,
  • Gesa Wiegand,
  • Leticia Quintanilla-Martinez,
  • Susanne Haen,
  • Martin Ebinger,
  • Peter Lang,
  • Rupert Handgretinger,
  • Michaela Döring

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 32
pp. 4 – 9


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This is the first published case report of a child with acute lymphatic leukemia developing a fatal mucormycosis during blinatumomab treatment. The patient showed multiple, systemic thromboembolic lesions with ischemia, bleeding and infarction in almost all organs. The child succumbed to increased brain pressure resulting in cerebral herniation. This case particularly illustrates the fulminant progression and huge challenges of diagnosing and treating mucormycosis in children with hemato-oncological diseases during treatment with targeted therapeutic antibodies (blinatumomab).