Communications Biology (Mar 2022)

Clathrin-nanoparticles deliver BDNF to hippocampus and enhance neurogenesis, synaptogenesis and cognition in HIV/neuroAIDS mouse model

  • Gordana D. Vitaliano,
  • Jae K. Kim,
  • Marc J. Kaufman,
  • Christopher W. Adam,
  • Gonzalo Zeballos,
  • Abinaya Shanmugavadivu,
  • Sivan Subburaju,
  • Jay P. McLaughlin,
  • Scott E. Lukas,
  • Franco Vitaliano

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 1
pp. 1 – 17


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Vitaliano et al. show in mice that engineered clathrin triskelia (CT) conjugated to BDNF (BDNF-CT) and delivered intranasally increases hippocampal BDNF concentrations 400-fold above that achieved previously with intranasal BDNF alone. They also show that it enhance neurogenesis, synaptogenesis and cognition in a mouse model of HIV/neuroAIDS, highlighting its potential in regenerative medicine.