Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (Dec 2015)

Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Related to a Congenital Pericardial Defect and Left Atrial Appendage Herniation

  • Heemoon Lee,
  • Dong Seop Jeong,
  • In Sook Kim,
  • Byung Jo Park

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 48, no. 6
pp. 429 – 431


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Congenital pericardial defects (CPDs) are infrequent anomalies that are usually asymptomatic and are discovered incidentally during unrelated interventions. Here we report the case of a CPD with herniation of an enlarged left atrial appendage identified during total thoracoscopic ablation (TTA) for persistent atrial fibrillation (AF). The persistent AF was successfully treated with a hybrid procedure, in which TTA was followed by an electrophysiological study.