REVISA (2020-07-01)

Attributed meanings and self-reported feelings about illness of people living with leprosy

  • Alex Vilas Boas de Miranda,
  • Claudia Suely Barreto Ferreira,
  • Cleuma Sueli Santos Suto,
  • Jones Sidnei Barbosa de Oliveira,
  • Cristiane dos Santos Silva,
  • Carle Porcino

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 3
pp. 464 – 473


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Objective: understand the meanings attributed and self-reported feelings about falling ill by people living with leprosy. Method: qualitative research, developed in a municipality in the northern region of Bahia. Semi-structured interviews and systematic observation were carried out, which originated three analytical categories, through Bardin's categorical thematic analysis. Results: the participants revealed feelings of fear, inferiority and sadness that coexist with discrimination and the lack of information about illness. These feelings experienced daily removed them from family and close people, reinforcing suffering and psychic illness. Conclusion: the daily confrontation of prejudice can interfere in the prognosis of the disease, in adherence to treatment and quality of life, which requires professional conduct based on welcoming, qualified listening and constant dialogue.