Antarctic Record (Nov 2012)

Report on geological, geomorphological and meteorite fieldwork in the Sor Rondane Mountains, Eastern Dronning Maud Land, 2009-2010 (JARE-51)

  • Noriyoshi Tsuchiya,
  • Masahiro Ishikawa,
  • Madhusoodhan Satish-Kumar,
  • Tetsuo Kawakami,
  • Hideyasu Kojima,
  • Hiroshi Kaiden,
  • Hideki Miura,
  • Yusuke Suganuma,
  • Mikio Abe,
  • Daisuke Sasaki,
  • Masanori Chiba,
  • Yutaka Okada,
  • Fumio Hashizume,
  • Goeff Grantham,
  • Steven Goderis

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 56, no. 3
pp. 295 – 379


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Earth science-related field activities, involving geology, geomorphology and meteorite searches, were carried out in the Sor Rondane Mountains, Eastern Dronning Maud Land, during the 2009-2010 summer season as a part of the 51st Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE-51), in collaboration with the Belgian Antarctic Research Expedition (BELARE). Geology and geomorphology parties accessed the Sor Rondane Mountains using the Dronning Maud Land Air Network (DROMLAN), and the meteoritesearch party to Antarctica on the maiden voyage by the new Japanese icebreaker Shirase. The geology party covered the entire area of the Sor Rondane Mountains, although with an emphasis on the eastern part. The geomorphology party carried out fieldwork in western and central parts of the mountains, and the meteorite search party performed a survey in the eastern part. All field activities were succes fully carried out. Some of the geology members returned to Japan by DROMLAN, while others flew to Syowa Station from the Sor Rondane Mountains by DROMLAN, and then returned to Japan on board Shirase. This report provides a summary of the field operations, including logistics and weather records.