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Total War: Mexico and Europe, 1914

Historia Mexicana El Colegio de México. 2015;64(4):1583-1666 DOI 10.24201/hm.v64i4.3118


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Journal Title: Historia Mexicana El Colegio de México

ISSN: 0185-0172 (Print); 2448-6531 (Online)

Publisher: El Colegio de México, A.C.

Society/Institution: El Colegio de México, A.C.

LCC Subject Category: History America: Latin America. Spanish America

Country of publisher: Mexico

Language of fulltext: Spanish

Full-text formats available: PDF



Alan Knight (University of Oxford)


Double blind peer review

Editorial Board

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Time From Submission to Publication: 52 weeks


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This paper provides an analysis of the Mexican Revolution in its understudied military dimension , offering a comparison with the war in Europe . It proposes that both wars were "total" , so it is wrong to see the Revolution as a "party of bullets " little deadlier . Addresses five issues : 1 ) the concept of ' total war ' (which includes massive recruitment and industrial warfare ) ; 2) an analysis of the Revolution in these terms (recruitment, low , demographic and economic cost); 3) the transition from ‘asymmetric’ war to conventional war, c.1914 ; 4) the nature of the war (in terms of tactics , moral and arms ) ; and 5) the consequences : militarization, the legacy of violence and the role of veterans in politics.