Applied Sciences (Jan 2020)

Analysis and Application of Screens for Acoustic Impedance in a Speaker Box with a Passive Radiator to Decrease Standing-Wave Influence

  • Yuan-Wu Jiang,
  • Dan-Ping Xu,
  • Zhi-Xiong Jiang,
  • Jun-Hyung Kim,
  • Ki-Hong Park,
  • Sang-Moon Hwang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 3
p. 866


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Micro speakers are playing an increasingly important role with the development of multimedia devices. This study applies the lumped-parameter method, which uses an equivalent circuit to model the electromagnetic and mechanical domains. The acoustic domain is modeled using the finite element method. Based on the analysis tool, the use of a screen is analyzed, and the screen is designed to depress the acoustic resonance in the sound-pressure-level curve and improve the performance. The samples are fabricated, and the experiment verifies the analysis method. The experimental result shows that the peak and dip due to the standing wave are cancelled, and the frequency response is smooth when the screen is used.