Music Therapy and Special Music Education: Interdisciplinary Dialogues

Approaches: Music Therapy & Special Music Education. 2013;5(1):12-17


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Journal Title: Approaches: Music Therapy & Special Music Education

ISSN: 1791-9622 (Print)

Publisher: Greek Association of Primary Music Education Teachers

LCC Subject Category: Music and books on Music: Musical instruction and study

Country of publisher: Greece

Language of fulltext: Modern Greek (1453-), English

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Alice-Ann Darrow

Giorgos Tsiris


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Drawing from Professor Alice-Ann Darrow’s life-long work in the fields of music therapy and special music education, this interview brings to the fore the importance of interdisciplinary dialogue. A range of themes (including the notion of ‘musical rights’ and inclusion) emerge and are discussed in relation to the development of interdisciplinary and collaborative work between different music practices. Darrow shares experiences from her personal and professional life that have shaped her work and way of thinking over the years. This interview can provide a framework within which readers can situate and further understand Darrow’s rich contribution within the fields of music therapy and special music education both nationally and internationally.