Психологическая наука и образование (2007. Online) (Oct 2013)

A new landmark in the strategy for responding to juvenile delinquency

  • L.M. Karnozova

Journal volume & issue
no. 3
pp. 149 – 159


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The article is devoted to the restorative approach in responding to juvenile delinquency, which is defined as a priority in this area in the “National Strategy for Action for the Benefit of Children for 2012-2017”. Attention is drawn to the fact that a new benchmark in the work with children cannot be viewed solely from a technological point of view; this is a new way of thinking, a new approach to the work of specialists of helping professions. The core of the practice of restorative justice is a mediation method, the hallmark of which is the transfer of authority in the resolution of conflicts to the parties themselves. We show the specificity of the offender and victim mediation, the restrictions of the conceptual apparatus of classical mediation and involvement the categories of restorative justice and narrative approach in the mediation method. We introduce a notion of communicative positions, the opposition of “expert diagnosis” and “understanding” approaches in the social and humanitarian practices.